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Peter Weldon creates three dimensional sculptures for private clients and municipal authorities using mainly steel, cast iron, cast aluminium, bronze or brass, but also other materials such as glass and timber. 

Giant Steel Bumblebee Sculpture, Canvey Island

Bee sculptureCastle Point Borough Council wanted a focal point sculpture for its Bumblebee Park’ on Canvey Island, Southend-on-Sea, Essex. This giant bumblebee was made from galvanised and painted steel, and erected on top of a redundant fountain.

The 300kg beast was carefully lifted using a special cradle and fastened down with pegs grouted into the concrete beneath. It will be surrounded by dense planting.

The sculpture has a wing span of 2,650m and body length of 2,534m. The surface is densely textured by the thousands of hammer indentations required to form the steel into the shape.

Peter Weldon with the bee steel sculpture and a selection of his designs with measurements.

Bee sculpture


This giant hex head robot measured 10ft high but was designed to stand on a 4ft box, raising it to a total height of 14ft. It was made for Walsall Council and filled with laser lights that rotate from within. It was designed for the Walsall Illuminations, the UK's biggest inland light and laser show, as a decorative exhibit for the annual event at the Walsall Arboretum.

Peter and the Hex head Robot

Steel Robots, Autumn 2007

Peter was commissioned to design and manufacture sheet steel robots for the international street festival held each year by Walsall Council and the Arts Council. ‘Chalk it up’ is a two-day free event aimed at encouraging creativity in the community, particularly children.

This year's theme was Robots and so Peter designed four life-size sculptural robots inspired by 1950s-style clockwork tin robots. They have moving arms and legs with an access hatch at the rear. With concrete within the boots they stand securely upright without risk of falling over.

Robot designs