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Hurley Hall

Hurley Hall

We were recently reminded of a project from seventeen years ago when the client contacted us to say-

Dear Peter,

I hope you are keeping well. From the look of your web site you are doing interesting work and have gone from strength to strength. I will always be grateful for the Gates you  did for me at Hurley Hall which now feel as though they have always been here.

The original brief was a Commission to replace the gates for Hurley Hall, Warwickshire.

The current owner of Hurley Hall had been looking for a designer to replace his gates for a long time, having had full planning permission for over 5 years. He saw one of my adverts in the period house and restoration magazines and contacted me to tackle the task.

The project is unusual in that there is a rare photograph of the gates taken before they were removed at the turn of the Century.

A faithful replica was made and installed just as the gates were when first made.


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