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Ethie Castle Gates

Ethie Gate - Antique Gates

Ethie Gate montage - Antique Gates

 Installing Ethie gates - Antique Gates

A discreet monogram of the current custodians of the castle was inserted into the overthrow to give a personal feel.

Robust backstays hold the immense weight of the ironwork upwards. The gates are bolted firmly on to an 18 inch thick concrete pad which is three inches below ground level.

The photographs below show the path still to be finished with gravel covering the concrete pad and fixing bolts.

Ethie Monogram

Ethie Gate detail - Antique Gates

Ethie gate detail - Antique Gates

Ethie drawing - Antique Gates

Antique Ethie gate installed in Garden

Ethie Gates

Ethie Gate Detail

Customer Testimonial

“We are absolutely delighted with the gates,which have attracted praise from far and wide.

There is no doubt that they have transformed this part of the garden and have become a

statement in their own right.”

Adrian, Ethie Castle, By Arbroath, Angus


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