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Mason Development Railings

Manson Railings Project

Customer Testimonial

"I didn't want typical steelwork around my building knowing that all my local suppliers seem to make exactly the same designs – totally inadequate for my purposes. I wanted to emulate Victorian cast ironwork with the correct size and proportions. 

"Now that the installation is complete, the railings are very substantial, are a great design and look like they belong in their surroundings. I can’t imagine anything else in front of my building.

"I would recommend Peter and his team to other builders looking for ironwork that has character, weight, proportion and quality. This is backed up by good sketches and creative work before manufacture. The result is clearly far superior than the run-of-the-mill railings you see everywhere else."

Paul Mason 
Mason Developments

Manson Railing detail drawing
Manson Developments Railings

Berryfield Gardens is a new build of 20 apartments in Manchester but so carefully designed and built that it can be easily confused for a restoration project.

The brickwork is outstanding and the roof design has such sensitive detailing it makes the building quite distinctive within the locality.Manson Development


  • Custom made mullions, cills and arches (cills copied from Gorton Monastery, Manchester)
  • Brick banding dog tooth pattern in reds and blues.
  • Pre-cast brick arches by Manchester Brick and Pre-cast (known for their heritage work)
  • Chimneys turned at 45 degrees with cant brick detail
  • 133 hand made gallows brackets
  • Custom made barge boards in maranti with redwood mouldings
  • Sash windows throughout
Manson Development

Peter Weldon designed substantial railings in keeping with the character of the property. Key features include box piers, railing pilasters and sweeping backstays.

The ironwork is recessed down at least 300mm into 100mm holes cut into the stonework and secured with polymer modified cements ‘construction grout’.

Manson Railings
Manson box piers
Manson Railings
Manson Railings

Thick steel sections are used throughout to create a strong, permanent effect. The sections are much larger than those commonly used in modern fabrication, as follows: verticals, 28mm square; horizontal flats, 40mm by 12mm; posts and vertical sections on the box piers, 50mm square. 

No extruded, characterless low box section is used anywhere within the design. Any hollow sections needed are made by welding flats together to create the size required.

Manson Development drawing and photos of railings

The railing pattern consist of roundels secured by collars. These repeated circles are also fixed by rivets both top and bottom (about 1300 rivets within the whole design).

Every item is galvanised as standard and overpainted with Lechler paints to create a design that will remain solid for generations. The ironwork appears to be reclaimed work rather than new steelwork and is completely in keeping with the building.

Mansion photo montage
Manson Railings
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