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Georgian Pedestrian Gate & Railings


This listed property in a conservation area needed a gate and railings in keeping with Georgian properties as the house commands a dominant position opposite a cathedral.

  • Hot forged railing spikes

  • Traditional hinge and finger latch on gate

  • Gate end frames: 25mm sq

  • Major vertical sections: 20mm sq solid

  • Hand forged leaves within gate, piers and pilasters

  • Hot rolled steel section (no die extrusion or hollow extruded section which means that all sections are slightly irregular)

  • Horizontal sections: 40 by 12mm

  • Hand forged wrought scrollwork.

Other details:

  • Irregular 20mm square vertical sections core drilled into limestone coping. Finished with lead plinths by hot poured lead. 
  • Pilasters at intervals with similar wrought ornament matching the pedestrian gate.
  • Box piers flank the pedestrian gate.
  • Very traditional English backstays every two metres add rigidity to the design and also another pattern quality.
  • Hot forged scrollwork, rivets and collars within construction, all verticals punched through horizontals and recessed into stone 150mm.
  • Slightly textured paint surface to resemble antique ironwork.
  • Galvanised, etch primer beneath gloss black hand-painted surface.

Every element of the gate is made within our own workshop; we do not buy anything from catalogues supplying pre-fabricated parts.

Georgian pedestrian railings

Dwarf stone wall core drilled. Each vertical rail let into the stonework and secured by grout and then topped up with hot lead in the traditional manner.




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